For the animals: Approximately 56 billion animals are slaughtered each year. Bred, born, fed, raised and killed for human consumption. There is undue suffering.

For the environment: There is an increasing demand on finite natural resources like water & land to breed & keep animals’ alive putting huge pressure on the eco-system.

For our health: The most significant harm is the harm we bring upon our own health and well-being through ill-informed food choices. Physiologically we are not designed to be carnivorous. Animal fat, blocks our arteries and cells preventing nutrients to reach our vital organs.

Humans are significantly more evolved species and have surpassed great challenges to develop optimum plant-based sustainable means of existence.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, ulcerative colitis, chronic skin acne,
IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and several other chronic illness are both preventable and treatable on a Whole Food Plant Based diet.

The Whole Food Plant Based diet is a low fat diet, rich in high fibre carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals with no refined or processed food items. No oil or refined trans-fat items are used in the cooking. This completely eliminates any fat deposits within our body and has clinically proven to manage, treat and reverse heart conditions, diabetes, obesity etc. with no side effects producing medication.

This major life style change will  keep you feeling fit, energetic and healthy.

The Whole Meal offers to deliver this life style for your convenience at an affordable cost with no compromise on taste & flavour

Zero waste


Peels will be composted. No disposable packaging used.

Meals will be delivered in insulated stainless steel containers with thermal covers, that will be swapped with empty clean containers.

These containers are not dish washer or microwave/oven safe.

To re-heat put contents in a microwave or oven safe dish.

Please Note: The containers will be thoroughly washed again before refilled.

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