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Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Be gentle on our health, environment and animals

"I feel so good", going vegan is seriously the best thing I have done. The best part for me is NO SMELL. No body odour, no bad breath and nothing in my poo! How good is that.

I was battling with IBS for the past decade or so unable to point a finger at what causes the excessive bloating and constipation. For me the improvement was significant and almost overnight.

My 80 year old Mum was inspired and followed the vegan life style. Slowly we went WFPB and our blood results had the Doctor amazed. She was taken off the cholesterol reducing medication, "Statin" within a few weeks. Normally this is prescribed for life. The best part is we have even managed to reverse her diabetes. And her muscle cramps have disappeared which means she can now walk comfortably even at 83!

I lost my father to a fatal heart attack when I was just nine. My biggest driving force behind launching “The Whole Meal” is knowing that if my father knew what I know now, he would still be alive and one mighty proud grandfather.


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