The Whole Meal

'Let food be thy medicine'

Hippocrates, 431 B.C.
Save time and eat healthy 
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Oil-free, Gluten free, Healthy, Vegan

Meal Delivery

+ Cuisines from around the world - delivered fresh and ready to eat 
+ New dishes and flavours each week, made with premium natural ingredients with no oil/low fat*
+ 4 scrumptious seasonal food items (main, bread/rice, side and salad)
+ Cooked in aluminum free cookware
+ Zero waste policy

Nutritious vegetable Main (400 gms**)
High fibre carbohydrates (175 gms**)
Entree' or Side dish (175 gms**) 
Salad (100 gms**)

Delivered fresh on the day of the order between 4 - 7pm

Save time and Eat healthy

The Whole Meal provides dinners, five days a week. So after a hard day at work, you can come home to delicious, hearty, home-cooked dinner.

Each day of the week is a different cuisine - and each week features a new menu - so it's always fresh and exciting.

Eat healthy - The Whole Meal

Kitchen: Exclusive Home Kitchen with no scope for cross-contamination. The Whole Meal has a registered 'A' Grade food license’ from the Auckland Council with best practice hygiene standards.

Ingredients: Premium, fresh, frozen and tinned food which are natural with minimum preservative and additives, preferably locally sourced. Minimally processed and unrefined ingredients is used as much as is possible.

Cookware: No aluminum coated or non-stick coated with PFOA/PFOS will be used. Wherever possible, ceramic or stoneware, stainless steel utensils will be used for cooking.

For the animals, For the environment, For our health!

Humans are significantly more evolved species and have surpassed great challenges to develop optimum plant-based sustainable means of existence.



Pick a meal that works for you and add to cart.

Please note that meals are prepared and frozen a day before date specified on the menu. So orders have to be placed 48 hours before.


CARD - Pay securely by credit card


Delivery areas will cover East Auckland.


East Auckland : FREE delivery Monday-Friday

You will receive an order confirmation email and your meal will arrive between 4-7 pm on your selected week day

Clean box will be picked up.***


Remove contents of box in to a microwave/oven safe container,
heat and enjoy.

Meals to be consumed by 8pm or refrigerated & consumed within 3 days.

Hand wash and dry container. Read more

*Fat from coconut, nuts, avocado, tofu will be present in small measures

**Approx. weight.

***In the unlikely event that you do not re-order in two weeks, the empty box can be collected from delivery point at an agreed suitable time. or couriered to our Kitchen in Botany Downs. We will be in touch.

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Potato stuffed roti

Oil free whole grain Potato filled wholemeal bread, kidney beans, green peas with fenugreek and cucumber yoghurt

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